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5 Tips For Handling Negative Comments On Your Content

Best Ways To Respond To Negative Comments On Your Content Introduction When you write online, there are many times when you receive a lot of negative feedback on your posts. If this happens, you should never ignore the comments. When you take time to respond to any negative feedback, you get an opportunity to display the personality of your brand. With a little creativity, facts, and honesty, you can interact with the audience on a new level. You need to have wit. When you can think quickly and respond with some humor, a negative comment can turn out to be helpful in brand recognition. Tips On How To RespondYou need to be aware of the best way to respond to negativity in your posts. It is the only way to redeem yourself and get back on top. Your response can strengthen the relationship that you have with the audience. It is also an opportunity to show the professional and fun personality of your brand. 20 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Posts Content pdf.

1.   Play cool if you write online, then it is inevitable.

How To Respond To Negative Comments Professionally

Someone will dislike your post and they will definitely make an insulting remark, write a bad review, or a negative comment. If such a thing happens, you need to stop, breathe, and start thinking. It is common to be tempted to respond to counter all the things that have been posted. However, when you respond with your emotions all flared up, you end up making things worse than they really are. In such an instance, consider what you are about to say without jumping to conclusions. Look at the complaint and understand its context, then come up with a befitting response. If you or someone close to you knows humorous writing, respond in the most authentic and humorous way possible. This is one of the best ways to defuse tense situations. Tasteful humor can make a bad situation better.

2.   Embrace your responsibility in most cases, most people may respond as if they are dealing with damage control to appease the person commenting. In the real sense, you need to deal with the situation. 20 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Posts Content pdf.

How to Respond to Negative Comments on Your Content

The first responsibility is to the brand and your audience. The target audience usually includes people that have the potential to become paying customers. These are your brand advocates. Focus on the people who have the potential to become sales leads. If the person commenting is not part of the target market, do not try too hard to try appeasing them. Respond to the issue raised and make sure you showcase the personality of your brand in the best possible way. 3.   Avoid generic statements when you are responding, do not make a general statement. This can be a very frustrating thing even for the audience. Customize a response that addresses the concern raised. It is very easy to tell if a person is making a response that is simply copy-and-paste instead of a personal message. 20 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Posts Content pdf.

How to Handle Trolls, Goblins, and Hobgoblins When

This can make your audience furious.

4.   Hopeless interactions when you are responding to comments, you need to be aware of three types of haters that you are sure to encounter every time you share your content.

•   The trolls: these are the kind of people who love causing trouble by provoking emotional and irrational responses •   Goblins: these are people who become offended by the brand and then lash out on a very personal level

•   Hobgoblins: These people will troll the brand without ceasing. They use language that is highly offensive while at the same time making all things personal in most cases, there is no way you can treason with such aggressors. When this is the case, you can try to delete or hide such negative feedback. In addition, you may opt to sharpen your wit and then create a great moment for the audience.

How To Respond To Negative Comments: Tips For Reducing The Impact

It helps if it is something that they can enjoy.

5.   Never respond in find sometimes it may be hard to understand exactly why someone gives negative feedback in the first place and you may not understand the real issue. If this happens, try as much as you can to understand the kind of spirit that the original message was aimed at. Is it frustration, humor, confusion, or hostility? When you get to understand the intention of the message, you can then craft a response that is befitting.

6.   Try to transform the conversation you should do your best to turn negative comments into positive ones. This can only be achieved when you manage to change the narrative and then your own experience. It is not always necessary to say sorry. You also do not have to ban offensive comments or respond at length. Sometimes you should own it and then laugh in an unapologetic way.

Responding To Negative Comments Tips

Try to remain true to the personality of the brand.

7.   Ban or blockading comments or banning someone should be done as a last resort. Before doing this, you need to try as much as possible to reach a resolution peacefully. This helps you to preserve the integrity of the brand while at the same time addressing any legitimate concerns that may be raised. In some instances, however, a person can be outright offensive, slanderous, or obnoxious. They can attack the brand at every opportunity. In such a case, you can consider banning them entirely. 20 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Posts Content pdf.

You may:

i.  Delete or hide the terminology that is offensive or derogatory.

ii.  Make a response to the poster. You can ask them to contact you privately for a resolution.

iii. If the poster ignores and continues to post such offensive comments, then you can ban them you should also take time to let the audience know exactly how you deal with any offensive language.

Responding To Negative Comments: Tips For A Positive Image

This can be done by setting out guidelines. When these are laid out beforehand, people will not judge you and assume you are overreacting. the conclusion you are consistent with sharing and publishing content, there is no way you can avoid criticism. Give witty replies to diffuse the situation. This satisfies the poster and at the same time enhances the brand image. You will get comments that will discourage, shock, and even stun you. In such a case, strive at improving brand perception and credibility. I would love to know. All right, I’ve just been to the beach, I think I’m going to have a relaxing night tonight. Remember, LinkedIn that you’ve got this and I’ll speak to you tomorrow. 20 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Posts Content pdf.

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