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Multiple Streams Of Income

welcome everybody. It is Sharon from the work of a doctor. I wanted to talk about passive income ie multiple streams of income. Do I believe in negative income? I’ve said that before in other videos. I don’t believe in passive income unless I was born into a very wealthy family You have a trust fund. There is no negative income as far as I am concerned. I work for me a favor Show me in the comments below this negative income So you need some money right? Well, you need to work It’s good that you will get money to create that money makes money is minimal, right? They can put it in a savings account that you can do CD stock market concerns that is always a little risky, but long-term. It’s a good investment You can do real estate you can No, you don’t want to be bothered like rents and others Sure, there are companies that will manage your real estate, and it all takes money So yes, you can develop passive income from it But it takes money to start and then the other option is when you spend your time in something that allows you to develop Negative income.

Well, one of the first things that comes to mind is network marketing that you create a team Do You Love Network Marketing Maybe network marketing is not for you. But there are certainly different ways to do this I did it before I made another video about network marketing and what you should look at when you look at network marketing Team, but this would be one way to do it which is definitely work. Nothing comes easy What are some other things well, what are your skill sets correctly. Are you a teacher you love teaching? How about teaching some classes online? You can definitely do this. You could of course do So that’s another great thing you can do and then you can set it up completely And then from there, what you can do is be a passive income Everything will become automated as you do its landing pages. You tell people about it And then it will be all automated And then you can develop a negative income But it definitely works if you want information about course preparation.

I can definitely help you with that What are some other things you can do? Well, you can set up systems like training, courses, or books Informative products basically you put them out there You can get people, you know, whether it’s paid traffic or you have followers and then people buy from it Follow marketing to something like a blog, and if you do enough writing, well, people will follow you They will go to your articles themselves and they will work Click a few links and you’ll probably buy some products that are also negative income But it was helpful to get there correctly you had to do a blog you need to do a YouTube channel, right? I can put some links where you can go and buy some products But I’m sitting here now talking to you about it It is definitely a little work and it works with all these systems You know at first to get started but it’s a great way I am Personally I always think multiple streams of income.

I think that’s the best way to go, right? Don’t limit yourself to just one thing. Don’t do one thing if you’re looking to retire early Looking for a better life? Stop working hard? Now then think of ways you can make extra income This type of passive income like developing multiple streams of income is the way to go. At least I think so That’s pretty much today.

multiple streams of incomeI wanted to come I wanted to talk to you about what you know, what are the different ways you can monetize? Look there to see what others are doing. What is the multiple streams of income bottom line What are your interests because if you are not interested in them? Yes, you can connect to the Internet and get to know them You can even take some courses to teach, but you’ll be in your heart Sorry, it must be in your heart That’s the point because when it’s in your heart and you know, it means a lot to you Come through and the people most likely to buy the other thing is you’ll usually establish relationships with people You can do some paid traffic but even paid traffic is considering when buying why you usually buy buy if you know the person you know the company Something made you feel comfortable buying, so it was a really good deal you know They gave quality or there was a steady relationship So, again, don’t limit yourself to thinking about the different products you can make I think personal information products are the best because you don’t have to worry about what you know Own a product and then ship it there.

Everything is digital It downloads, sends a link, or you have a paid membership area. A lot of things you can do I like it if you want to make an online magazine where you basically talk about your scum products And you know you’re giving information there are great ways to do it Looks like you know, I won’t know a graphic designer. Have you spent many hours in design? It doesn’t take that long. Just a matter of switching some images that change text from there and there you go You have an online magazine that you can make free to lead to other things you know Build a relationship of some kind as a selection procedure we call or you can put into a paid membership Where are you kind of locking up this area? This again is all you think about what you can do with your life with multiple streams of income Go out there and take actual action and do that a lot of us talk about doing things But do we really do it? Not all the time? So I want to hear about the ideas of passive income in Europe just to overcome them again Anything great banking requires funds in advance then real estate investment banking Informative products and that’s what I would suggest as much as passive income.

Well thats it multiple streams of income a lot of courses there Anything you can do you is unlimited by any means So if you like this video I work for me a favor. Give her a thumb, subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you on another channel Another video. Thank you very much, bye.


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Multiple Streams Of Income

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