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Maximizing User Engagement: Strategically Placing Key Content on Your Website

This content discusses the importance of content in marketing and emphasizes the need for a well-structured and optimized development plan to create effective content. The plan should target a wider audience, generate fresh and competitive content, establish trust, and convert visitors into paying customers.

The content should be actionable, well-written, and shareable. Get your users to read your content. Yesterday we talked about a study where it is proven that users read approximately 20-25% of the text on your website. This is key information because you need to guide users to the most important parts of the text if they only read that 20%.

Today I will show you where to put the text, and how to do it, and thanks to that, users will actually read it. They stay on your website longer and buy your product or send an inquiry and you get new contacts, which is why we do it, right? Look no further and let’s get to it. Where to place your most important content? Where should you have the most important content?

Where to Place the Most Important Content for Your Website Users? - Day 11 | Creative Handles

Maximizing Website Impact: Critical Content Placement Strategies for Top Performance

From the previous video, we already know that the text should be somewhere at the top of the page. You can also check it on your scroll maps that you installed a few days ago. There will be some information already. You will see how many people are scrolling down the page or not. This information is directly proportional to the content If you want your visitors to see the most important thing, put it at the top! Basically: the more important your content is, the higher it should be. Put your unique added value directly on the main page. In the previous video, we talked about unique added value. Put this information on the first page. Put it there so visitors can see it as soon as they open your website. It’s the same with your mobile website. If you pick up your mobile phone and open your website, the first information the user should see is the most important content you have. For example Your leakage added value.

Optimizing Website Layout: The Importance of Placement and Font Size in Content Development

From left to right. When we talk about a computer or laptop where you have more elements like images, video, and text. It is more convenient to put the text on the left side of the site or in the middle. Why? Users, indeed all humans, are used to reading from left to right. The best chance for them to see something first is on the left or center. If you put it on the bottom right, you have a much smaller chance of them actually reading it. This is also the reason why, for example, e-shops have images showing the product and a large image on the left in the product detail. Some descriptions, attributes, and variants of what you can buy are on the right. Why? Because in this case, the photo is what sells. That’s why the image is on the left because it will draw your attention. Font size matters. Another issue is size. Font size also matters. First, you read it in the white box, then the text below that, then the text at the very bottom.

Maximizing Attention: The Importance of Using Large Text and Catchy Headlines in Website Content

As you could see, the largest text in the middle attracted your attention first.I’ll put my hand in the fire for reading that text first as the picture said. If not, please let me know in the comments, because I’m curious if there are people who operate differently than most of us. Anyway, the biggest text in the middle will attract your attention first. And the same with the web, the largest text in the middle will attract your attention. This is also a very good rule of thumb to use for your most important content. Think about the content of the headlines. These large texts are also used for headings. Why? They draw your attention to the headline. Another fact is also connected with this. It is important that you put interesting info, numbers, or something catchy in the headline so that people want to read more. It is a great pity if you have interesting data or something very interesting in the article, but it is not in the title.

The Importance of First and Last Impressions on Your Website

The headline is not catchy, so people don’t read the entire article. It is not only about the size but of course also about what is written there. First and last impression. When I was little, I used to dance. And when creating choreography, the coach always told us that the first and last moments matter most. Why? Because this is also the first and last impression the jury will have of the entire choreography, so this must be at the top level. Something similar is happening on your website. Your users or visitors always remember the first and last impression of your website. Make sure that the user’s first visit experience is great, and so is the last one. You can use a similar idea in the menu. The first item on the menu should be the most important and the last item on the menu should be the most important. What next? These were the main ideas. I hope they are useful for you. In any case, it is always better to work with data from your website.

Utilizing Heat Maps to Optimize Website Content Placement and User Behavior

Look at your heat maps, which I believe you already have on the website from previous videos. See how users behave, where they look, where the biggest red spots are on the heat maps, and whether they scroll down or not. Thanks to this, you can easily find out where you should have the most important content on your website. Now you already have the information. Write in the comments how it went and if you have something special on the site that you see in the heat maps, I’m interested. If you liked the video, give it a like. Sign up for a subscription. And see you tomorrow for the 12th video. Have a nice day!

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