4 Step How-To Process to Produce Content Guaranteed to Drive Revenue, Traffic and Leads

“Challenges of Creating and Distributing Content: Balancing Time, Money, and ROI”

– I don’t have time to create that content.How much money do I have to spend to be able to create that content, as well?When am I ever gonna see an actual ROI?Is it gonna take months, or is it gonna take years?How do I even get people to engage with my content, get eyeballs on it, for them to even pay attention?Have you ever thought about those questions?Because I thought about those questions initially, when I wanted to create my content.How am I ever gonna actually see, when I produce the content, I spent all that time, that money, that resource to produce it, and then you have to distribute and market it.There’s 101 things you have to do right to be able to produce the optimal amount of content that’s actually gonna drive revenue for your business.

“Learn How to Generate Revenue and Leads through Effective Content Distribution without Breaking the Bank”

Today, what I’m gonna be sharing with you is the process that we’ve been able to cultivate for clients and also internally, so we’re gonna produce content that actually generates revenue, traffic, and leads in the hundreds of thousands, without spending a ton of time or money doing it.(upbeat music) YouTube community, make sure you comment below.Let me know what is that one thing that’s holding you back from producing optimal amount of content for your business and your target audience.Or any insights or questions that you have.I read all the comments below on YouTube.The second thing is I wanna make sure you watch to the end of this video because I’m gonna give you the exact templates, processes, and step-by-step walkthrough to be able to help you grow your business using effective content that doesn’t take up a ton of time or money on your end.Just the other day, I was on the phone with an entrepreneur that ran a very successful business.

“Unlock the Magic of Content Marketing to Drive Sales and Build Relationships with Your Audience”

He was doing $50 million in the technology space.Now I’m not gonna tell you his exact name, but let’s just say his name was John.Now, before we jumped on the call, as soon as I was able to speak with him, the first thing, right after we said hello, he said, “Benson, I looked at your content on your website, “I watched some of your YouTubes, I saw some of your “LinkedIn profiles and what you had on there, “I want to work with you to be able to launch your website.” Before I could even get to the next line, this is the first thing that he said to me.Now that is the magic of content.That’s what I wanna help you do, regardless of you’re even in the B2B space or you’re in the B2C space, whatever target audience, whatever product or services that you sell, whatever industry that you’re in, you’re able to create this kind of effect where the content does all the marketing and the selling for you.And as soon as they want to interact with you, it does all the heavy lifting.

Overcoming Obstacles: Creating and Distributing Content for ROI

One of the biggest assumptions and obstacles for companies of all sizes to create their content, when I’m in conversation with them, is all along the same lines.How do I create content?What type of content should I create?What type of team should I put together to create that content?Do I need a videographer, do I need a content writer, a content marketer, do I need someone that builds that whole process for me?How do I distribute that content?How do I actually get eyeballs?And the most important fundamental question is how do I actually see an ROI with this content?When is it gonna produce revenue, profits, and cash flow and actual sales in my business online through this content?Now those are all very valid questions.When I start out producing the content, the only thing that you need, you don’t need a big team, you don’t need all these different things, the only thing that you need, that one thing, if there’s nothing else you get from this video, is this.

“Creating Valuable Phone Content for Audience Engagement and Growth”

Use your phone, take out your phone, you record a video.The most important thing is you actually add value through your content, and that’s what I’m gonna share with you in a bit.I’m about to say something very important that I want you to pay attention, because if you’re able to grasp this principle, that’ll fundamentally change the content that you produce for your business.If you are not able to produce a solid piece of content using your phone, then more people is not gonna help.It’s all about how you produce the content, what you say in the content to make it engaging and add value to solve a problem or help them achieve a result that they have.More people, sure, it’ll give you scale to create that content, but overall, it’s everything the value you create through what they’re watching and engaging with.

4 Step How-To Process to Produce Content Guaranteed to Drive Revenue, Traffic and Leads

“Discover the Effective Content Process for Creating Valuable and ROI-Driven Content for Your Target Audience”

Now I’m gonna share with you the content process that we use in-house and also for clients to be able to create that ton of content that’s valuable to your target audience, that drives an ROI, that doesn’t cost a ton of time or money on your end or on any of your teams’ end, as well.But I’m also gonna be doing expanded posts on my website, on LinkedIn, and you can make sure to see.The most important thing is that you follow the page and you follow everything on content that I’m producing for you.So right now, the content I produce, your personal brand, we create six videos a week, three BWB, three Digital Secrets, like the video you’re watching right now.At the same time, we’ve turned them into long-form posts on LinkedIn, long-form posts on the website and also on Facebook and do multiple different images or creatives that we use for advertising or whatnot.And you can see, just from that piece of content, we’re able to produce a lot more by repurposing things.

“Maximizing Content Distribution: Utilizing Video to Drive Engagement Across Multiple Platforms”

That’s one of the core fundamental principles that you can use, as well.You start with video at the top and then, with the video, you’re able to pull a podcast episode, you’re able to pull the actual video, multiple different forms, a short-form videos that you can use for your advertising or you can use it things like Instagram, you can use it on Twitter, you can use things that, on the platform, they allow you to distribute the content in a short amount of time.At the same time, you can also pull that video content and turn that into actual written content on LinkedIn, if you’re in the B2B space, or on any specific platform that’s native to your target audience and where they pay attention to you and your business.Now the direction of your content is gonna be very, very important.The two content that you can produce, and there’s only these two, is you either solve a problem using the video or you provide them with an actual result.

“Unlocking the Three Biggest Challenges for Businesses: Driving Traffic, Building Communication Channels, and Generating Sales”

For example, the video that you’re watching here and everything that’s on the Digital Marketing University website, it’s focused on what, the three biggest challenges that businesses face, all businesses.How to drive traffic into the business, how to actually get people to notice and pay attention to their brand and the business.And the second thing is, once you have them paying attention, how do you start that communication channel with them, and how do you add value to them and cultivate them.And at the same time, the next step is sales, right?Sales is the lifeblood of every single company in the world, regardless if you’re a Fortune 500 company or you’re a one-man or one-woman business.You have to have to have revenue and sales and profits and cash flow to actually grow your business.How do you convert all that traffic, all those leads into actual sales and, at the same time, how do you convert those into reoccurring revenue and essential revenue in your business?

“Unlock Your Business’s Potential with Video Content: Solving Traffic, Leads, and Sales Problems for Maximum Results”

That is the problem that I’m solving for business through the video you’re watching now and also through the videos that I’m producing everywhere.Solves a problem through helping businesses fix their traffic, their leads, and the sales.It helps them achieve the results of generating hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars using that content.Now the question I wanna pose for you is, what type of problem do you wanna solve for your target audience using the videos and the content that you produce?What are the top problems and what are the top solutions and the results that they are looking for right now that’s the most relevant to them today?Two places that you can start with is you can go on Quora.com.Now Quora.com is one of the most popular sites where people are asking questions, and they have experts or people that have advice or they have experience with that problem to be able to answer those questions.

“Discover How to Create Targeted Video Content by Leveraging Quora and Buzzsumo”

You can go on there, you can type in your industry, doesn’t matter if you’re in fitness, you’re in blockchain, you’re in technology, you’re in traditional space.You go on there, you type in the content, you’ll find a list of questions.You wanna find the most popular questions on Quora and then you can see what your target audience is actually asking, what are they wondering about.And then you can create a video around that.The second thing you can do is you can find the most popular content that’s already existing, that people have already spent millions of dollars of their own resources to create, distribute, market, the whole process.You go on Buzzsumo.com, you’re able to actually see what are the top pieces of content.There’s gonna be guides, there’s gonna be in-depth videos and whatnot.

“Transforming Written Content into Video: A Strategy for Diversifying Audience Consumption and Boosting Engagement.”

Now, what you can do is the posts that don’t have a video on Buzzsumo, you look at the top pieces of content and you create a short five to 10-minute video or a 15 to 20-minute video, whatever it is on your phone or if you wanna videographer, record that content.You just turn the exact same thing, that medium, into a completely different piece of content of how your audience is gonna consume it.Because right now, your audience consumes the same thing through different things.Think about movies, for example, let’s say Harry Potter.Harry Potter started out as a book, then it went into the movies, and then it went into the posters and articles and distribution of marketing materials and whatnot.Now the people that are watching the movie that have never heard of the book, they went to consume the book.The people that were raving fans of the book went to consume the movie.

“The Power of Adaptation: How to Distribute Your Content Across Multiple Media Channels for Maximum Audience Reach”

Every single type of distribution is the exact same thing adapted to a different type of media that’s consumed by your target audience.You can do the exact same thing in multiple different ways, but you start with video because you’re able to produce audio and text through the video, as well, and multiple different types of video.Now, video is a very interesting thing.And even, to this day, as you’re watching this video, I’m still working on improving my video skills, how I’m communicating with you to be clear, as clear as possible, add value, also keep you entertained by doing funny stories or funny actions.

“Mastering Video Marketing: The 5 Core Elements to Keep Your Target Audience Engaged”

Also, the same time, you notice I’m moving my hands a lot, keeps you engaged, so I’m learning a lot of things from the video marketing masters and video people that have produced real brands using video, the storytelling aspect.So what I wanna do is I wanna show you the five core elements that you must have in your video to really make sure that your target audience actually pays attention to what you’re saying to them and keep them engaged.Now the first core factor that you must have in your video content, even when you distribute it into a written piece of content or audio, is you must elicit and emotional response.You want to make your audience actually feel something from your content.Now, as you can imagine, the B2B space, to have your audience feel something is slightly different and difficult, that’s why I do it through my storytelling aspect.The second thing is you must be able to challenge an existing assumption that they have in their mind.

Creating ROI-Driven Content with Limited Resources: Tips from Neil Patel

If you remember, at the start of this video, you can scroll all the way back, I said how you can create content that actually drives an ROI without spending a ton of time or money.Because one of the biggest things you think about when you produce content is you don’t have the time or the money or the resources to do it.You don’t even know where to start.That’s an assumption that you have, but I wanna shatter that for you because you can do it even if you don’t have all those fancy things.You do not need to be fancy.You just have a phone, which I’m pretty sure you have, and you can create a great piece of content.It’s all about what and how you say in that video.The third most important thing is you wanna be able to tell a story.

The Importance of Unique Storytelling in Effective Content Distribution for Audiences

Stories are the ways that we understand ideas, we understand the process, and we’ve been told stories all throughout the ages, through when we were cavemen all the way back, if you wanna go back to that time, on the walls with the paintings and everything, stories are the way we understand things, very intellectually.And also, there’s a psychological component, as well.That’s why sharing your personal story, sharing your brand story, sharing your client or your customer stories, testimonials are so effective because people share their experience and their story with your business.The number four most important factor is you wanna have unique perspective.People hate hearing the same thing over and over and over again.It’s just very annoying, and their mind tunes out whenever they hear the same message.So you wanna make sure you take a unique standpoint on the content that you’re producing.So you’re challenging the assumption.

“5 Core Factors for Creating Engaging Videos: Unique Perspective, Contradictory Opinion, Energy, Entertainment, and Storytelling”

It’s kind of a little blurry line there, but you wanna be telling a unique perspective, something that’s potentially contradictory to what most people are telling you.You share a unique opinion that your target audience will think is very interesting or something different, so they’re able to actually embed that idea in their mind when they watch your content.Now the fifth core factor for your videos is energy and entertainment.You wanna make sure that you’re distributing that energy through the lens of the video when people are interacting and watching it.At the same time, you wanna make sure the videos are entertaining so they keep paying attention to it.You can be a little bit quirky or a little bit storytelling, based on three core values of the traits that you think you have, when you’re able to distribute, when you’re telling the content, when you’re sharing it through the video.

“Mastering Audience Engagement: Tips for Creating Engaging and Entertaining Video Content”

Now before, I had to learn this the hard way, through the content I’m kind of embarrassed to mention it.If you go back to the earlier Digital Secrets, you can see a lot of the videos I produced were like this.I had my hands down, and I was just talking with a very low voice, and I wasn’t smiling, and I was looking at the camera, and it was just very, very boring and stale.Same type of content but a completely different type of demonstration.Now, when you produce the content, you wanna be able to put more energy and entertainment through the video, you wanna be more engaging with it.Now I’m not telling you to actually fake it, but you wanna find that balance between how you’re interacting with the audience through the video and the content that you create and also building that relationship through the values that you have and the traits, as well.So you wanna define that very clearly.

“Maximizing Audience Engagement: Repurposing Video Content for Multiple Platforms and Ad Creators”

And once you have those, then you’re able to actually effectively do more energy and also more entertainment.The most boring thing, too, is that when you’re actually watching the videos, if you think you’re super excited, what’s actually happening is that you need two to three times more excitement and will look normal through the videos.So you almost have to be double excited or triple excited.Now to reframe it, why I told you to start with a video is the video that you’re watching right now, for example, we’re gonna turn this video into a short post on LinkedIn.We’re also gonna turn it into a long post on the website.We’re also gonna distribute this on YouTube, and we’re also gonna use this for three or four ad creators on Facebook.And all I had to do was record this brief and short video for you.So you can repurpose this video multiple different ways, through the content, through the podcasts.Now, I’m not doing a podcast, but that’s something that we’ll do later on in the future.

“Maximizing Your Content’s Reach: Strategies for Effective Audience Distribution”

But for now, I’m just showing you that when we have a video piece of content, in the future when you decide to do anything else, you’ll be ready and you’ll have so much content that you can use already to be able to distribute in all these different ways that people communicate, through video, through audio, and through written communication.Now that you’ve got that great piece of content you started from the video, you’re going into the written posts, you’re going into actual audio if you want, and you’ve got multiple image creatives and whatnot ready for your audience to consume, what is the point of it if nobody sees it?How can you distribute it to them where they actually pay attention to it, they consume it, they engage with it, and they actually care about your business and your brand online?

“Maximizing Audience Engagement: Tips for Identifying Target Platforms and Delivering Clear Messaging”

You gotta keep in mind, one of the core things that most people forget is that you’re looking at a screen.Where your target audience is looking through a screen right now, it’s literally just a square, and they’re looking at your business and your brand.You have to do a lot to be able to demonstrate and provide that clarity, certainty, and direction for them and why your business is important in their life and how is it gonna help them embetter their lives, solve a problem, or help them achieve a result.Now in terms of distribution of the content, what we can do is we wanna figure out where are the top three places your target audience are on right now?What are the top three platforms?Are they are Facebook, if you’re in B2B, are they on LinkedIn, are they on YouTube, or are they on specific websites or blogs that are extremely popular that they’re reading and they’re regularly paying attention to?Or what influencers or celebrities or books do they read?What conferences do they attend?

Maximizing the Impact of Your Content through Targeted Distribution Strategies

What types of places do they hang out the most online?You wanna find the top three places, and once we find out the top three places, we wanna take your content that you produce, even if it’s one, two, or three, doesn’t matter.You can start with that one core piece of content using your phone, and then we distribute that content to your target audience.And then we see how do they engage with that content.Are you actually pulling the actual value here?Are people paying attention to your video?One of the things that you do not wanna do that you can do is a very simple step is most people, most entrepreneurs think you can just take the content, you post it on your Facebook, your Twitter, your YouTube, you leave it there, and then people are naturally going to find that piece of content.What you actually wanna do is they’re missing the important second core step to actually distribute that content and put it in front of them.It’s not enough that you just publish the content.

“Maximizing Audience Engagement: Using Digital Advertising to Drive Traffic to Your Content”

What you actually wanna do, which I’m gonna get into in another video, is you wanna drive digital advertising traffic to that piece of content.Especially if you’re a startup business right now, and you don’t have the traction yet, you wanna be able to have a natural piece of content where you use your Facebook, the top three platforms.You use digital advertising to put that content in front of them and you measure the engagement.And you wanna see how are people reacting to that content.And what’s great about it is that each individual platform, on the social ones, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, will actually give you detailed analytics that you can simply view to see the engagement on your content.How long people have watched your video, how long people are actually viewing on your site when they read a post or, even with image creatives, how many people actually click through and engage with your content.

Learn how to effectively distribute your content and reach millions of your target audience without breaking the bank.

All those platforms make it extremely easy for you and so the next step is really to digitally advertise that piece of content, distribute it out, and see the engagement.Now in another video, I’m gonna be sharing with you the Content Ad Accelerator process, which is the one that we use in-house and also for clients to be able to distribute that content into millions of their target audience without spending a ton of money on it, without spending a fortune or breaking the bank, especially one of the things you wanna see an ROI in your content that you’re spending and producing, you wanna make sure that you’re effectively distributing the content in the most effective channels so you can actually see an ROI immediate and also in the long term, when you’re building up that audience for your business.So make sure that you’re following me on LinkedIn and also, at the same time, you’re subscribed to YouTube channel, if you’re not.

“Don’t Miss a Video: Why Clicking the Bell Icon on YouTube is Crucial for Subscribers”

Also on YouTube, one thing that’s important, make sure you click that bell icon, because you are actually gonna get notifications to see the videos.I just noticed that, if you do, if you’re subscribed to the channel and you don’t have the bell icon turned on, you will not know if future videos like this are released.So make sure you hit that bell icon right there.

Learn the Simple Process to Create ROI-Driven Content with Digital Marketing University’s Step-by-Step Walkthrough.

Now that you know the simple process to be able to create a ton of content that actually drives an ROI in your business without spending a ton of time or money, as promised, you can go on the bensonsung.com on the Digital Marketing University to actually get the step-by-step walkthrough of how we’re doing it in-house, how we’re doing it for clients, the full process that’s gonna show you A, B, C, D, structured way, the templates, the processes, and everything that you need to know to actually implement this into your business.I didn’t wanna make this video extremely long for you, which is why I want you to go to that post right there.Now, one of the things that’s gonna be great is I wanna follow along with the journey because I wanna share with you, how we’re wrapping up the content, how and why to produce six to seven pieces of content every single week, videos, posts, podcasts, everything I’m doing on the content distribution side.

“Entrepreneur Shares Effective Strategies for YouTube Content Distribution and Engagement”

You follow along, I’ll share with you the entire process.At the same time, as an entrepreneur, I don’t wanna spend too much time, money doing it, and also could drive an effective ROI on getting the actual distribution out there.YouTube community, thanks for watching this video.I wanna make sure that you’re getting value from this video, so I want you to do three core things for me.I want you to like this video, below, there’s a Like button there with a thumbs up.I want you to hit that right now.The second thing I want you to do is I want you to comment below and let me know what value, what one insight did you gain from this video?What are you gonna do with your content?Or any questions or insights that you have, comment below, because I personally read all the comments.

“Subscribe and Stay Updated: How to Access Valuable Business Growth Tips on Our YouTube Channel”

The third thing, most important thing, is that you subscribe to the channel and make sure you turn on that bell icon so you get notifications on new Digital Secret episodes or anything that we’re producing on the YouTube channel to basically add value and help you grow your business.So thanks again for watching, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one…

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