How to do website Traffic exchange Online ! Must Watch

Introducing Hit Leap: A Traffic Exchange Website

Hey everyone, so today I’m going to introduce you to the website, hit leap and, first of all, let me tell you what he believes is.It is a traffic exchange website, which means that you can submit your website into the traffic exchange and other team members will actually watch your website or blog or whatever yeah.I’M just going to show you how to look into the software and do any everything in all the features of his sleep.So let’s get started so, first of all, I’m just gon na look into my account.I made a new account, especially for this video and it’s called jersey place.You know to sign up, you just need to put in your email address and then conferment and now i’m on the homepage from his sleep, and you can see that i currently have 0 minutes because their counters brand-new and you can see statistics see of the minutes.That your ad and the hits that you received on the website that you submit so now, let’s see to the website, obviously there’s nothing here right now.

How to Set a Maximum Hourly Hits on Your Traffic Exchange Site

You can click on how many hits and it calculates how many hits you will get from the minutes, because you actually decide how long the people will stay on your website and you can put in a random duration or you can put in the specific duration.Like 20 seconds and then, if you want to add a website into the traffic exchange, you just want to put the website address in and then same thing just decide how long your, how long they should watch the website, your web site and then s2, the traffic Source, if you’re a regular member, then you can only use hitting as the direct traffic source, which means they’re.In your statistics, it’s gon na say there are like 100 visitors in the last hour from hitting and if you’re a premium member, then you can actually put a custom traffic sources, but i’m going to talk about this later, so I’m the Advanced Options.Let’S click on that, and here you can see that you can set a limit of maximum hourly hits.

How to do website Traffic exchange Online ! Must Watch

What are the differences between the premium light and premium membership?

So that means that if your blog is just really starting – and now you would want like maybe only 50 visitors per hour or if it’s a really big website, then you would want just as many hits as possible.So you really decide you know how much traffic you want to have your website, so you can also put in a limit of the maximum number of hits.So that means that your blog should maybe only receive two thousand hits and then should stop, or you can just say that you want to just keep the blog website up and running until you run out of minutes.So it’s totally your choice.So next thing: let’s talk about the premium members that they can see here and there are two different types of premium: we have the premium light and the actual premium membership and there are some differences between them and the regular membership.

How Premium Members Get More Websites To Promote

Obviously so, first of all, if you serve in the traffic exchange and your regular member, then for example, if you watch 100 minutes of other people’s websites, then you will only get 17 minutes to your own website, because you only get seventy percent off the men that You watch because you’re just a regular member, but if you’re a premium light member, you get a percent and if you’re an actual premium member you get for a hundred percent.And if your premium member, you also get more websites lots because, as you saw earlier, maybe with your regular, my only get three websites slots which really isn’t a lot.So if you have more websites that you want to promote through Italy, then you can just get the premium membership and you get 15 slots with that.

How a Premium Membership Can Help Hide Your Traffic Source

The next thing is the monthly minutes bonus that you get and if your regular member, then you get no minutes bonus at all, but if you’re a real premium member, you will get 5,000 extra minutes per month, which is nice.You know just for doing nothing.Just for being premium – and i think the most important thing about the premium membership is actually that you can hide the traffic source.So, as you can see on here, if you’re a premium light member, then you can set the traffic source as anonymous, and that means that your statistics or your website called catch where the views actually come from and if you’re a premium member, you can do that As well and you can actually put in a custom traffic source, so that means you can just say that all the traffic is coming from facebook or twitter, pinterest instagram, your wife’s website or whatever.

Autosurf Traffic Exchange – 7 Euro for a Month of Premium

You can just really decide and that’s good, because in your website statistics it will totally look like the traffic just came from the website and that’s a really great feature.So the last bonus, if you’re a premium member, is that you actually get more from your referrals.But i’m going to talk about referrals in the second, so let’s just sum this up: if you’re a premium member, you pay seven euro for a 1-month of premium membership and obviously you can repurchase it every month.So next let me show you the traffic exchange and there is the hippie viewer application, which is a system that you download it for windows, and you can just have this running like on your computer all day all night and you can do other stuff time.But the great thing is that this will watch the hickey websites from other people like around the clock and you get the minutes for it without even doing anything.So if you download the hit the viewer, you actually get twenty percent more of the minutes.

How to use the Autosurf Traffic Exchange to get more minutes

So if your regular member right now, you only get fifty percent.But if you don’t want the viewer extension, then you get seventy percent of the minutes and this is a great way to despair in minutes, because, if you’re away for an evening or out with friends or whatever, you can just leave your laptop or pc on and It would actually get the submissions for you without you even doing anything and also the application mute all the sounds, so you won’t get annoyed by any noises in the background from the hidden leaf viewer.Now, i’m just going to show you the traffic exchange just to see what it looks like.So the window is currently loading and now you just see someone’s website and I’m just visiting it.If I would have left that on right now, I would have gotten like a minute now to my minutes.

Earn Money Referring AutoSurf Traffic

They come so the next thing that we want to talk about other referrals, and this means you can actually earn money.If your friends sign up under your referral link, so as you can see here by referring, is hitting dot-com slash by slash jersey place because that’s my username and if I would send this to my friend and my friend, would click on the link and then sign Up on to hit lee, i would get twenty percent of all the minutes that he earns and also twenty percent of the cash value if you purchase any minutes now.This is a great thing, because if you purchases a certain amount of minutes, i actually get some of that money, which is crazy.So then, on to the next thing, is actually 2 by hitting minutes.Because, if you need more minutes, then you can earn from the viewer or if you have more websites to promote.

How to purchase website slots on Autosurf Traffic Exchange

You know there are always reasons, so you can just buy some websites lot and also the minutes here.As you can see, you can get 10,000 minutes. 49, euro and up there is the calculator that tells you.How many hits are how many minutes, depending on the length of your hit and the biggest amount, is actually a million minutes.But you can always contact the support and ask them about more and on the right-hand side you can see that you can also buy some extra website slots.So if you’re a premium member, you do get 15 slots, but you can buy additional slots.For example, 25 website slots for just 80, which is roughly ten bugs.So that’s a really good price if you have more websites to submit it to the traffic exchange are just if you want to boost one special website.So the last thing is the support and you can always email the support team.If you have any questions or problems with hit leap and my personal experience, they always answered very quickly and very kind there.

Autosurf Traffic Exchange: 5 Fast Tips for Getting Started

They will always help you with your problems, so don’t hesitate to ask support alright guys.Thank you for watching this video.I hope you enjoyed it and yeah see you bye.

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