How To Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos (Easy in 2019)

that’s going to be eight hundred and ninety-five dollars a day that’s pretty crazy and that’s exactly what you can do with the method I’m about to show you how to make money on YouTube without even making the videos in this video I’m going to show you probably the simplest way for anyone to make money out there and that is to use YouTube and you don’t even have to make your own videos to make really good money with this method what’s happening guys thank you so much for watching this video my name is Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the Caffeinated Blogger on this channel i publish regular free training videos dedicated to making money online blogging and traffic generation so before we jump to the actual method before i show you how to make money on youtube without making videos just make sure you give this video quick like subscribe to my channel just below this video click that little bell notification icon to make sure that you get notified about my next video as soon as it goes live alright now let’s dive in then to the actual method first off if you are completely new to youtube i want to make sure that you understand how YouTube works and I’m gonna show you proof in just a moment from my own YouTube account so that you can see some of the results that I’m getting etc etc but basically YouTube is all about getting views and you can make money in a lot of different ways from YouTube but it is all kind of dependent on the views right so the first way that you can get paid from YouTube is by displaying ad revenue that’s going to be the primary method that we’re going to focus on in this video there are other ways to monetize your videos as well but basically as long as you’re getting the views you can show ads on your videos and you can get paid as your part of their revenue anyway from sort of $1 to $20 per 1000 views different issues pay differently so I’m gonna show you in just a moment exactly how everything works but as your kind of channel grows you can also get bonus revenue from recommending a finished product you know selling your own products etc etc etc and you can use this model to make money from YouTube in all of these ways without actually making your own videos so this is really excited I’m pretty pumped to show you this strategy let me jump over into my YouTube account and I’m going to show you a few things okay so this one video that you can see here this video of mine how to get traffic to your website fast has actually made me 673 dollars in ad revenue from the moment when I got started these are the video that I put out in August has made me one thousand one hundred and twelve dollars so far and my channel is actually a very small channel so with a bigger channel you know and as my channel grows I’m gonna make a lot more money I just wanted to show you this as a potential that you know you don’t actually need to even have a big channel to make a really good amount of money from YouTube okay so let’s just jump back in here also want to show you what I mean by these ad revenue $1 to $20 per 1,000 views so basically whenever someone watches a YouTube video the owner of that video can turn on what’s called ad monetization and if you turn on ad monetization on your videos whenever someone watches that video you’re gonna get paid a certain amount of money let me show you exactly what I mean okay so I’m just gonna open up the this particular video in here and watch what happens at the start of the video so as soon as I play the video you can see that at the start there is an ad playing again it’s counting down I’m gonna be able to skip the ad if I don’t keep this ad if I actually watch more than I think 20 seconds of this ad then the person who put this out on this video is going to pay a certain amount of money to the owner of the actual video so the actual video after I skip the ad is this video here three hours of relaxing guitar music okay and this video has had 78 million one hundred and twenty-one thousand views now each of these times the 78 million views the owner of these particular video uploaded by the channel yellow brick cinema relaxing music okay they get paid a certain amount of money so it may be as little as one dollar in ad revenue per 1000 views it could be a little bit higher we don’t really know on my channel I actually make anywhere from sort of 10 to 20 dollars per 1000 views but one dollar per 1000 views is probably the lowest that any kind of channel in any kind of niche can yeah okay so 78 million views if we divide that by 1000 and obviously multiply by one okay so these particular video does this video in a passive way has probably made these for this channel for yellow-brick cinema about seventy eight thousand dollars guys that’s awesome for one video obviously they have a lot more than that this channel is really big they have a lot of views okay and when I run their name through social blade I’m going to show you in just a second what that looks like so I’m here on and I’ve just run yellow brick cinema so that channel that I showed you before through social blade and as you can see every single day they’re adding anywhere between sort of two to three thousand subscribers okay to their channel and they’re getting 800 to 900 to 700 thousand views now being super conservative like I was showing you guys before being super conservative even at the very lowest end of the scale that means that they’re making anywhere from sort of seven to nine hundred dollars a thousand dollars per day in ad revenue in reality it’s probably actually a lot higher you can see that estimated earnings here you know it could be as much as several thousands of dollars in ad revenue per day I just want to make sure that you understand the potential with YouTube guys it is huge you can make a lot of money it’s probably one of the best and easiest ways for someone to make money but there is a big problem right we don’t like making videos we don’t like being on camera a lot of people who are quite new to YouTube don’t like making videos that like being on camera so that brings us back to the actual topic of this video okay how do you actually make all of this ad revenue without making your own videos and that’s what we’re gonna cover here in just a second so first of all let’s make sure that you understand the basics so it’s all about the ad views okay with this particular method that we’re going to talk about today is called compilations so what I’m gonna show you is how you can easily compile videos from existing videos that are already out there on YouTube you don’t have to create them from scratch you can simply compile them into smaller chunks and put them together and you can do this ethically and legally without breaking any laws without breaking any copyright restrictions okay so let’s jump into a detailed example that I’ve prepared here for you so first of all let’s look into this search queries of just go on and I’ve typed in guitar into YouTube and this is what we got here we’ve got all of these results you can see that things involving guitars are actually really popular alright this top result has had 78 million views so this video has probably made 78 or maybe even more than a hundred thousand in ad revenue to the owner and all it is is just music basically it’s just music there is nothing else there this one has said 15 million views seven point seven million years 3.3 million views so you can see that in general videos related to guitars can get a lot of views so this can be quite a good niche you can set up your channel in a lot of different other niches as well so for example it could be funny videos you know it could be things related to babies it could be top ten type stuff but I just wanted to run you through one example here guitar okay just to show you sort of some of the potential here alright so you can see that like guitar music you know maybe if I type in again guitar music okay we’re gonna probably get a lot of results that have a lot of use so once again three hundred seventy seven thousand views seventy eight million views nine hundred ninety seven thousand views four million views this relaxing background guitar music so this is a hot niche on YouTube there is no doubt no question about it so if you wanted to go after this niche how could you actually make money on YouTube without making your own videos that’s the million dollar question so I’m gonna show you here I’m gonna jump into YouTube and let’s do the same search so we’re gonna search for guitar once again but after we click guitar I’m gonna open up the filter and we’re going to go into features and we’re going to choose these filter called Creative Commons all right so what Creative Commons is just in case you haven’t heard of creative commons before so Creative Commons allows you to reuse and edit the video in any way that you wish so basically then if you take a Creative Commons video so let’s just open this up once again okay so you could take you could download all of these videos and you could compile them you could perhaps mix you could take let’s say 20 minutes of this video and then 1 hour of this video and then you know just combine the chunks of these videos all together and then re-upload it back to YouTube on your own channel as your own video with your own thumbnail and so forth and that would be completely legal because look what happens if I open one of these you know YouTube ok and let’s just scroll through and have a look so this is 9 hours of music basically right now as you can see here it says the license for this video is Creative Commons Attribution license and it says reuse allowed so this is the gold guys this means that you can actually download this video and you can re-upload it as your own ok just leave it as is just reapply it as you write or if you wanted to you could just take a small chunk of it maybe an hour of this and an hour of something else maybe find some more best relaxing music videos and compile them into your own video so that it becomes different and unique from others and then upload it back to YouTube okay so let’s just read what Creative Commons Attribution license actually means so according to YouTube’s definition is by marking your original video with the Creative Commons license here I’m granting the entire YouTube community the right to reuse and edit that video so basically once again this means that you can take this video and you have the rights to reuse and edit that video and reupload it back as your own so this is very very powerful make no mistake about this this is insanely powerful that means that you can take any videos that have this creative commons-licensed and instantly you’ve got your own videos you can do this in any niche like I said you can do this in the fitness niche you can do this in top 10 funny things niche in there are videos available for make money online niche for technology niche and various various many many various other things so that was our detailed example here okay so step by step let’s just confirm make sure that you understand this full step by step process here so step one would be to find your niche so you would look at what video types are actually getting a lot of views just like we did with guitar we figured out the guitar is hot niche then we also saw that there are a ton of Creative Commons videos okay so this like guitar I’m actually thinking of doing this myself you know I think I’m hoping that one of you guys might be able to pick up this idea this kind of guitar relaxing background music seems to be a really hot niche that’s just ripe for the picking you can get so many views you would then find an example video like we found that original video here well this one here this three-hour relaxing guitar music video this is a perfect example of something that we could do as well because looks like people actually really like relaxing guitar music so once you’ve got a video that has five or five million views you could then look for some creative commons videos and download enough videos theory work into a compilation so with our example these are all the Creative Commons videos so we can get that classical guitar from here we can also then download this one three hours best coming music so just download all of these similar kinds of videos arrange them into a video of your own step four would be to use a software there is free Mac software free Windows software to produce and mp4 if you right I recommend over 10 minutes obviously if you’re in the music niche you’ll want it to be at least one hour or more but if you’re in other niches for example like how to lose weight or some kind of a funny video or maybe there is a sports video you’d want to still go for over 10 minutes because that means you can just put more ads on your video finally step 5 of course would be to upload your own channel so you would need to create your channel upload the video to your channel then you would take similar tags similar to the other video that you already know is successful let me jump over here and I’ll show you the example so as you can see this video that that has had 78 million views if we’re going for the same type of video so for example we might make a video with two hours of relaxing guitar music alright you would just take very similar video tags don’t copy them you know exactly but just take very similar video tags that will ensure that your video has got the best chance of ranking and coming up and they suggested videos or under up next or in the search results finally you would want to make a great thumbnail for your video to do to make a great thumbnail what you would want to do is check out what other thumbnails people are using and order a similar style thumbnail from 5:00 hour or just make it yourself in Photoshop or canva if you are skilled with those programs that’s it in a nutshell that’s the whole process that’s all there is to it it’s very simple very easy to do anyone can start there is literally no reason not to do this it’s amazingly profitable and it’s so easy to get started because the material is already out there for you now the success outline so you do need four thousand which hours before having ads approved so if your channel is brand new you will need to have four thousand which has accumulated but don’t worry it’s quite simple to do it might take a little bit of time or vistit to get there but assuming that your average watch time per video is just five minutes then you only need 48,000 total views on your video to hit 4,000 watch hours if your watch time is longer you know obviously then if it’s like 10 minutes or more your average watch time if you upload longer videos then you need a lot less total views so once you’ve got accumulated that 4,000 of total watch hours on your channel of other people watching your videos for a total of four thousand hours and you’ve got a thousand subscribers then you can apply to have ads displayed on your channel and from then on you can enable ads and you can start making that money that’s it guys that’s all there is to it I’m hoping that you enjoyed this method and you’re gonna implement this to make sure that you get my future free training videos about making money online blogging traffic generation click that subscribe button just below this video give me a quick like on this video leave me a comment let me know what you thought of this video and also take that Bell notification icon so that you can get an update straight into your inbox next time I upload my next training video thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next one

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