Increase Revenue by Targeting these 3 Types of Clients

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And online now it’s my goal to help you build your word-of-mouth referrals working join me as we help educate and grow your business help you increase and grow your business today I want to talk about the three different types of clients that you’ve had or have that’s going to help increase your revenue if you follow the right steps so the first one is gonna be your past clients what should you do to really reach out to these past clients that have worked with you before either they’re still local to you so there’s still a local client you just want to continue to bring them value send them educational videos keep up with them on social media just keep reminding them about your business so if they ever think about coming back you’re gonna be the first one they think about another thing you can do with past clients is ask them to refer people this is great if Someone moves away they still have their friends or family in your town ask them to refer friends family or anyone they know through a simple email or text the next one’s going to be your current clients so how can you increase revenue with clients you already have you can offer them extra products that your business carries you can ask them to leave your reviews or testimonials you might not be getting more money or increased revenue from your current clients but you can increase it if they refer someone they leave the testimonial and a new customer client reason testimonial they’ll be more likely to sign up the last one is new clients coming in obviously we all need new clients coming in to keep your business growing how can You capture those clients the best way so I spoke with somebody that has over a thousand people that have signed up through their website that they’ve never reached out to call so if you can figure out a way to get those new clients that are coming in and call them as soon as they sign up to your website I’ll reach out to you on your social media or just send you an email or a call give them a call back speak with them on the phone start building that relationship with them right away and if they don’t sign up that day make sure you put them in an autoresponder so you can keep up with them so maybe a month or two months from now they say oh yeah I so I’m gonna sign up with this chiropractor or this gym they keep sending me things they keep reminding me maybe I’ll go sign up so that’s a great way to increase your revenue from three different types of clients join me on my next webinar we’re going to be showing you exactly how to set that up on our software that We have we have so when a new lead comes in we have a phone call to them as soon as possible so we get their name their email and phone call and text us notifies us right on our phones and we can give them a call and reach out right away to answer any questions they have because when they’re reaching out to you through your website or social media or email they’re interested right then they might find somebody else before the you reach out to them if you wait a couple days so I hope you continue joining me out with this brought you if it has make sure you give me a thumbs up and on the link below join our next webinar coming up you

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