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instant banner templates are a unique and powerful technology available inside instant banner creator now the best way that I can describe this technology is that these are banner ads that literally design themselves so when you log into instant banner creator and look at our instant banner templates you will see a list of all the templates that we have available if you see one that you want you could click this button that says use this one but if you’re looking for a specific sized banner let’s say you want to create a 468 by 60 banner you just click this button and it will list all the 468 by 60 banners that are available if I want to create a 125 by 125 I could select that one I’m going to select a 513 by 315 so I’m going to click this and here are all the banner templates that are available in that size I’m going to choose this one so I’m just going to click use this one and this will take me to the instant banner template editor so now all I have to do is enter my text and the editor will take care of all the layout of the text graphics and everything so I can focus on the message of course that I want to deliver with my banner so first I’m going to enter my title and I’m going to give this banner of the title new and improved and you can see that as I type in my text it automatically edits the banner in real time so I can see exactly how it’s going to look on my banner ad now I can edit the size of my text so I can click this plus button to make it bigger or I can click the minus button to make it smaller so I can optimize the size of the text for the message that I’m putting into my banner ad now I’ll do the same thing with the subtitle I’m just going to say create with instant banner creator and again all I have to do is type my text into the field and it puts the text into the banner in real time and then I could do the same with the main text and the text at the bottom I’ll just type click here for details and that’s it I’ve just designed a banner ad now if I’m happy with this banner I could just click Save and finish and will immediately create my banner so I can download it and start promoting it but if there’s any part of the template that I don’t like let’s say I don’t like the color of the text or perhaps the font style I can actually leave a field blank and then add my own text or add my own graphics to this banner let’s say I don’t like this text on the seal so I’m going to leave this field blank then I’m going to click this button that says add text or clipart this is going to take me into the instant banner creator advanced editor where I could add my own text clipart or anything that I want since I want to create some new text for the seal I’m going to scroll down here and type in my text I’m just going to have to say new and then I’ll select which font I want when I select the font I’ll see a preview of it down here so I’ll see exactly what it’s going to look like I’m going to choose this font style right here then I’m going to make it size 22 and I could give it a certain angle I can stylize it with a shadow effect and I can change the color now I do want to change the color so I’m going to click on this and then I’m going to make it well let’s say this shade of green I’m going to click OK and then when I’m happy with how it looks in the preview I’m going to click add text and this will put the text into my banner ad now I could drag the text wherever I want since I want to replace the text that was in the seal I’m going to drag it over here and then I’m going to click this button to paint it onto the banner and that’s it I’ve added my text to the banner now if I’m not happy with this and want to try a different font I could click undo and then choose a different font and then click add text again so I can keep working with this until I get the banner ad to look exactly how I wanted now I want to add some clipart you can see that we have a large collection of clipart to choose from you could even upload your own clipart by clicking my clipart you could upload a photo of yourself or a company logo you can upload any graphics that you have on your computer or anything you want I’m going to use one of the images provided by instant banner creator so I’m going to choose the one I want and then I’ll click the button that says use clipart now just like the text it’s going to put the clipart into my banner and I could drag it wherever I want just for the demo I’m going to put the clip art image right here and then I’ll click on this button to paint it onto the banner and once I’m happy with this banner all I need to do is click finish and then yes and that’s it my banner is created and it’s in my gallery so I could download the banner here or I could put it on my website simply by copying the banner code and putting it onto my site it’s that simple

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