How to increase you website traffic with Facebook, Google and Twitter

Google, Twitter and Facebook will help to promote and popularize your products. But, how they actually can help you? You might need to have a virtual location or website to display your products. This might derive from a selection of several core product and begin the building blocks from there. This process might end up with 5 to 10 web pages. From here, Google will help you to reach your buyers through the keywords from your site. Unfortunately, the keywords in this 5 to 10 pages is very limited. Therefore, getting positive searches to this website will be lessen. This really sound not promising. Now, it is possible for you to turn all your products from warehouse into showroom. 932 let you to post not 10 but up to thousands of products. How it works? As simple as upload your products in dashboard. Then the product will be automatically display in your showroom. 932 give you rapid showcase and also better browsing experience for your buyers. It has categorized showroom, advance search bar and photo viewers that will bring virtual shopping to the next level.

Just click on “contact now” to make instant inquiry. This connect and bring the gap between you and your buyer closer. Furthermore, buyers can make RFQ on your site. RFQ allow buyers to inquire quotation for selected product on the fly. By this, buyer can save a lot of time while getting precious and precise quotation inquiry. Besides that, it also allow buyers to reach you through Facebook, Twitter or RSS subscription. Another special tool is the Trade Alerts. This allow you to frequently alert your buyer with new products post. Wow ! 932 will convert your average looking warehouse into gorgeous and friendly showroom to connect you and your buyer easily. for web branding. Get started NOW with 932..

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