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Now Lifestyle, Now Lifestyle Review, Now Lifestyle Scam, Now Lifestyle Reviews, Now Lifestyle joel therien, joel therien What’s up, everyone? Nicholas here, and if you’re on this video of probably means that you’re looking for some more information on now lifestyle And that’s exactly what we getting into now before we do I just want to let you know that I do have a free video on the website that goes into depth on how I’ve been able to generate income Utilizing the internet for the past Few years, so if you’d like to check that out You can head over the mentor with nick com there’s a link down in the description There’s one in the top right corner of this video, but let’s get into the now lifestyle information and I want to let you know this is going to be kind of a different [type] of review than Some of the other ones you see out there a lot of people make these reviews just to try and get you know make it Sound really good and get you to join their team now I do have an account obviously you can see it right here But my main intention of this video is this kind of bring some awareness? to the [nail] lifestyle Opportunity and show you, what’s all involved in it.

I’m really not trying to get you to join It isn’t pre launchers like you know beta or whatever it is. So this is going to be like a very Preliminary review if it continues the if I continue to see that it is a good system then I will start promoting it a little bit more heavily and If I see that it is legit, and it’s bringing in results and all that kind of stuff I will start to promote it but on this video I just really want to bring the awareness show you kind of what the back office looks like what kind of products are what you can expect from it and Just you know just help you all understand it a little bit more okay? So I’m not trying to just I’m not send any to a link just to try to get you to join all kind of stuff I just want to give you the information, and then give you some insights as well, so obviously here We are in the back office right here.

These are your first five steps? Just a little welcome video Then they show you kind of more about the members area Talking about getting healthy learning about your autoresponder and the capture system And then making money as a reseller like the five main things well actually I mean it’s more so just three things the first two are just getting acquainted with your your back office, so To give you just a brief overview right away What you’re really getting within the system is the [system] that will teach you how to be healthy in terms of Fitness nutrition And then also have a service of the autoresponder and a lead capture system, so that you can build your list So that you can you build your audience and then profit that’s the big thing in internet marketing or any type of marketing these you have to build your audience so that you have you know this pool of people to market to on a consistent basis and Then you know having having certain programs like you know now lifestyle to send people to so you can actually Drop it off that audience Now Lifestyle, Now Lifestyle Review, Now Lifestyle Scam, Now Lifestyle Reviews, Now Lifestyle joel therien, joel therien So let me continue to explain a little bit more what I mean, so we’ll just kind of come here This was the dashboard obviously they have videos that Explain everything a little bit more, but now lifestyle.

This is all about the so apparently you know again I’m still fairly new to this I just got this account, so Basically what the now lifestyle is lead capture and auto Rocks autoresponder system So basically the whole premise behind internet marketing like I kind of a just alluded to but it is building your email list any further building up your your audience within social Media But the main thing is your email list And that’s what this actually does and normally you have to pay you know you have to get services like Aweber And that’s personally what I use.

I really like it I’m gonna continue to use it because I have a big list on there, but you can also use other office autoresponders as well Especially if you don’t want to use Aweber, and I just want to use these one So they have a built-in autoresponder right there okay? So obviously I just started this I got nothing in here obviously I just got my account, so let’s uh Come under the reseller tools so basically This is where they have some live Scott, and I’ve called Like I’ve been on any of those either again. I’m pretty new to all this Now lifestyle stuff. I just got my account, but I’ve been around doing stuff for a while They have links to like actually to enroll people So if you are starting to drive traffic you are starting to already build a list then you can just send out links to get people involved in this type of stuff, so Come down here and looks like you can there’s all these different links that you can set up and the ID trackers And that’s kind of more advanced stuff But it is kind of nice if I already I’ve see their tea do have that especially if you’re running paid advertising they have banners Ad copy videos just a lot of different tools and resources To promote to other people so like if you have a blog or you know other things like that then you can You know put it on your blog to get people aware of it Potentially get people in join in then they have ad copy video the last I won’t go through everything So then they have the commission that that section just obviously shows like what kind of traffic We’re driving as of producing you know sign us and producing people purchasing stuff And then here’s where the products are okay the Nls university now [life] spell So this video’s plan right here, so right now again It is fairly um you know we’re at very preliminary, but basically the products they have right now And I thought a bad more, but there might just be these ones Email marketing mastery.

I went through this a little bit. There’s not a ton of content in there right now There’s a little bit and it looks like some good information I haven’t gone through it all but it’s all about email marketing how to be a successful email marketer and how to take your business to the next level with email marketing so it’s a good product I don’t know the price point what they’re really selling it They’re going to continue to sell it at I’ve seen some numbers But I’m not going to just I’m not going to I’m not even going to go into the pricing structure right now Because you know they might be changing things up so email marketing mastery now body certification.

This is all about health and fitness and nutrition Obviously Julie, you can see if you’ve seen Joel. He’s quite strong So he knows what he’s talking about so a good level again the whole premise behind this is all about internet marketing teach people how to do you know email marketing and then also about fitness and health and nutrition and stuff, and then they’re going to have a seven a Seven day seminar, I believe it’s in Mexico’s cabo, San Lucas. I’m Not positive on that, but basically so here is like. How are you making money with the system? so basically if you get people to actually purchase these products you aren’t afforded forty percent commission on each and every one of these and then if you have So say you got someone involved and then they bring someone in you actually earn ten percent of whatever they sell as well Now Lifestyle, Now Lifestyle Review, Now Lifestyle Scam, Now Lifestyle Reviews, Now Lifestyle joel therien, joel therien So it’s a tiered to commission.

Yeah They just have a typo right there to your to commission okay, and then you can actually purchase all these together Which is called the masters package if you want to just instead of purchasing these individually and again Or excuse me you get fifty percent on this commission, and then you get ten percent of that chair, too And it looks like they’re going to have a you know like a timer on this again This is all preliminary, and I’m going to make an updated review when you know things start to evolve a little bit more But that’s really where you can expect inside the now lifestyle, but basically what it is It’s teaching you how to build an auto store build An email list how to market to that email list and how to stay healthy so fit getting a good nutrition And they have you know the retreat in Mexico Let’s look at one more thing.

I want to show you real quick. They do have a pre enroll Page here, so if you really want to get started. I’m again. I’m not trying to push this on anybody I’m just giving you the [information] if you do want to come check out this page I will have like a little link in the top right corner That should pop up right now And there will be a link down in the description if you really want to come check this out You can get started for fifty dollars for the year right now just to lock in your position Come in check out. The whole system. All that kind of stuff I’m not going to go through this whole page obviously it comes through the commission structure, and you know it’s a binary So there’s rewrite team in your left team Again, I’m not going to go over this whole page because you can come in and check it yourself again I’ll put the link on top right and then down in the description but I really just wanted to get this information out to you guys because from what I see that this the system now lifestyle is going to get very big and it’s already showing signs of [Joel] he [is] a very well-known guy in industries done versus been very successful and with a lot of different things [he’s] created companies that provide software he’s done some business opportunity type things like this, so it’s You know looks similar to it, but you know updated version It’s based on fitness and health and nutrition and all that kind of stuff and then it also teaches an email marketing Which is very key as well, and then it was obviously a commission structure attached to it so good products.

It looks like and Obviously, you can make some money off of it If you start running from traffic to it building your email list and you know marketing to that email list and then obviously also Getting into social media as well if you have not done that already That’s kind of kind of stuff that we go into depth over at that free video on my website Which is again mentor with Nick calm, so you feel free to go check that out? [I] have a lot of valuable information on there, you can Go to mentors Netcom check it out and see if it can help you out a little bit in your Internet marketing endeavor as your entrepreneurial Journey or whatever it Is that you are trying to do, but I just want to get you guys some information on now Lifestyle again It’s a preliminary very preliminary here, but as it continues to evolve I’ll get you some more information, but thanks for watching this video guys if you have any questions getting touched me on social media make sure and subscribe to this channel like this video if you did I’d really appreciate that and Look forward to seeing you guys on the next video, please

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