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“ Tools of Titans the tactics, routines and habits of billionaires icons and world-class performers .” by Tim, Ferriss. Imagine if you learned from over 200 world-class performers all over the world. The author did exactly that on his podcast called “. The Tim Ferriss Show”, which has over a hundred million downloads, Featuring guests such as movie stars, four-star generals, pro athletes, hedge fund managers, billionaires investors, entrepreneurs and so on and so forth. Tim has gone ahead and distilled all the valuable knowledge from all these interviews. That he’s had – and he has compartmentalised it into a valuable playbook which we can all access That playbook is this “ Tools of Titans .”? So what makes these Titans different than other people And what do they all have in common? What makes these Titans so different is that they create rules, Rules that they have crafted for themselves, which allow them to seemingly bend reality to their will.

Now these rules that they’re abiding by are often uncommon, habits and bigger question. For example, look at the billionaire Peter Thiel’s question that he asks himself and others “. If you have a 10-year plan of how to get somewhere, you should ask why can’t you do this? In six months, .”, Bigger and better questions simply demand, bigger and better answers. What did the Titans have? In common 1st? More than 80 % of them have some form of daily, mindful or meditation practice. Nearly every single one of them has also done some form of “ spec” work, which is completing projects on their own time and with their own money.

They also all have a belief that failure is not durable and almost every single one of the titans here has been able to take obvious weaknesses and turn them into a huge competitive advantage Question: How do we define tool Tool is broadly defined? It includes routines habits, book, recommendations, common self-talk supplements, favorite questions, etc from all these world-class performers So use this book as your reference guide to learn from Titans in the area that you want to master to help, you build your own success by using the tools that Are contained within this text, However, you choose to read this: whether you choose to read about all the titans or if you choose to only read about the ones that can specifically help you in your niche always remember 2 principles. The 1st principle is that success. However, you define it is achievable if you collect the right, field-tested, beliefs and habits, The 2nd principle, The superheroes, you have in mind the icons, the billionaire’s, the titans, the idols. They are all nearly walking flaws, who have maximized 1 or 2 strengths They’re succeeding because they find their unique strengths and they focus on developing habits around those strengths which you can to as well.

This book can help accelerate that process. A great starting point is to start with 3 tools that allow for the rest Tools that can be stated in one phrase from the book: “ Siddhartha, ,” “. I can think I can wait. I can fast .”. The author breaks down these 3, The first one “. I can think ,” having good rules for decision-making and having good questions. You can ask yourself and others The 2nd “. I can wait .” Being able to plan long-term and not miss, allocate your resources in the short term.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 3rd tool “, I can fast ,” being able to withstand difficulties in disaster, Train yourself to be uncommonly resilient and have a high tolerance for pain. Now, it’s time It’s time for some Titans and their tools. 3-2-1. The 1st Titan we’re going to feature is the Terminator himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold example tool number one Own and create your very own niche Arnold example tool # 2, Get into it to win, not to compete Time for a titan quote “. I am a big believer that if you have a very clear vision where you want to go, then the rest of it is much easier. .” Arnold Schwarzenegger, the next titan featured in this video, is Paulo Coelho, most famous for his book “, The Alchemist ,”, which is one of my favorite books &. I attribute me creating of these videos to that book itself. Amongst other books. Of course,

Paulo Coelho example tool Use a notepad only to take notes to get them out of your mind. “ The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion, .” Paulo Coelho, The 3rd titan featured in this video is none other than Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins example tool # 1 Cold water, plunge. If you don’t have an ice bath accessible or a cryogenic chamber, use a cold shower. It can be just 30 seconds to a minute. What it will do is shock your nerves and wake you up and give you a boost of energy. Tony Robbins example tool # 2 Contribution. The secret to living is giving Tony Robbins example tool # 3 Quality questions create quality life. If you want better results and better answers in life, then start asking better questions in life. Titan quote “, It’s a belief. Life is always happening for us not to us. It’S our job to find out where the benefit is. If we do, life is absolutely magnificent. So there you all have it. Those are 3 titans featured in this video that I got from the great book. “ Tools of Titans ,” by Tim, Ferriss,

It is Tim, Ferriss’s hope that when you read this book, you can feel the presence of these Titans with you almost like mentors from afar, No matter how big your ambition is, no matter what challenges you face, no matter what type of difficulties and obstacles that you Have to overcome the Titans are here: You are not alone and you are far better than you think. Thank you guys so much for checking out this video, I’m sure it’s gon na be the first of many to come being that this book is so big and dense to dissect. I recommend all of you out there that are interested in taking your life. The next level Go ahead and pick up this book for yourself, so you have your own reference to the tools that you can use and implement in your life on a daily basis. I have the book in the description below, for you,

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