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If you want to write better today, there are some simple copywriting tips you can apply right now. You can apply these rules to mostly whatever it is you write whether it’s to your patients or to individual employees. Basically, anything you write where you want to get your feelings across could be used in emails, newsletters, blog poles, or social media. The first rule is to write as you speak. You’re not writing a term paper or a scientific article.

You don’t need to use large-hearted names to get your point across, in fact, you should shoot for shorter convicts and smaller words.

Great copywriters will write down to the 3rd or 4th-grade degree. You can check what degree you write at by using the readability score in Microsoft word. There is still free online testers, sought for the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Test to find one or sought for directions to turn on the readability tester for Microsoft Word. The next easy govern to apply is to break up your paragraphs.

By breaking it up it becomes much easier for parties to grasp your writing. Let me give you an example. And I know you’ve seen trash like this, usually, it’s in an email or newsletter. Here’s one with no undermines, it’s almost coerce to start read. And here’s another one with the content broken up into smaller paragraphs.

To make this even better you could add subheadings where appropriate to make it easy for people to scan before they read the whole thing. If you’re worried about separate some rules you were taught back in 10th grade, I have news for you, those rules don’t apply for copywriting. You’re trying to get your content read.

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Not get an’ A’ from Mrs. Parker.

The next pattern is when you think you’re done read it out loud. Where ever you stumble or it’s not smooth – adjust it and reword it. Reading it out loud will make sure you don’t have anything confusing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read and re-read something and there still may be slice that aren’t smooth when you read it out loud. My final tip-off is to remove any just’s or that’s.

I learn this from a master copywriter a couple of years ago and it may sound strange but people have a tendency to have the words just or that in their writing.

But take a closer look at them by turning on your finder in your record. Do they need to be there? In most cases, they don’t. They don’t lend got anything to your writing and are filler words.

You’ll notice if you remove these texts you’re frequently not missing anything. Those are my quick copywriting tips – determine what you can apply to your writing today. Thanks for watching. Follow or connect with me for more tips-off on proliferating your business…

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