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How to Delete a WordPress Post or Page

Welcome to webstylepress, If youdelete, a wordpress, post or pagewill images associated with it be deletedlet’s, find out wordpress admin posts, add new test post, add media test image insert into post publish.So this is the post media library and inside media librarywe’ve got this image right here.Let’S delete this post move to trash one post moved to trash.We have got this post, no more refresh media library.Andwe still have got that image go to trash and delete that post permanently post deleted, refresh or reload media libraryand.We still have got that imageso.Even if you delete a poster page images, thatwere uploaded in it may be still inside medialibrary to find unused images, click, add thisall, media items from media library and selectunattached from drop down menu or you canclick at list view icon and look for thestatus of the image.

How to delete unattached images from WordPress media library

As you see this image, isshowing unattached, this image is unattached, so you can select this imageand delete it from here manually be careful with this area.Some images displayedhere as unattached, are being used insidedelete only those images from here that youare, absolutely sure not being used insideyou, can see these logos here.These are beingused here in header, not in poster page, but medialibrary is saying that these are unattached.Youcan delete unattached entries manually in this wayby, selecting unattached image from here or youcan use, plugin to clean wordpress, media library, plugins, add new search for media, cleaner media, cleaner, clean and optimizespace installed now activate meow apps, cleaner content check checks, ifthe media entries are used by The contentposts pages and other posttypes metadata widgets adclet.This check be checked so goto access, media, cleaner dashboard here scan and, as you can see, test image wasfound here, as seems not in usethis plugin found.

Cleaning your media library in WordPress with cpanel

Seven imagesthat are not being used.Insidebut.Our media library is showing more than sevenimages that it claims that these are not attachedso, be conscious with this label unattached inmedia library.Now i can select these all anddelete.These entries from media librarythat are not being used or not attached.Reload, media library, reload website, and there you go so this ishow you clean media, libraryin, wordpress and deleting a post may not deleteimages for that post.Okay, i hope this video helpedlike share, subscribe and iwill see you in the next video

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