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Hi guys Madeleine Harvey here thank you so much for joining me on my channel today hey if you liked today’s video be sure to give it a thumbs up or click the subscribe button below I would so love to hear you and see you and be friends with you and let’s hang out in today’s video we’re going to talk about three really easy tips to fixing a nervous shaky voice this is a super fast video so I’m going to move pretty quickly so here we go number one is keep the air flow going number two is say what you mean mean what you say and number three is get the focus off of you all three of these tips together should help fix any fear any nervous energy any tendency to for your voice to shake it should fix all those things so let’s go ahead and get started number one keep the air flow going now this sounds pretty Elementary doesn’t it but it’s totally true usually when the voice begins to shake it’s because the column of air is inconsistent okay and they’re usually fear involved but we’ll get more into that in just a second so to come back that remember keep your air flow going a good way to do that is just simply exhale the cool thing about the vocal cords is once they’re connected your sound should be steady like a laser.
But if it’s not that’s a good heads up that your air flow is not flowing consistently so let’s do this quick little exercise on this note here ah because I like it let’s just go ahead and connect those cords and simply exhale if you notice that your voice kind of wobbles a little bit just focus the airflow and keep it going out in front of you a steady steady steady exhale I’ll go ahead and demonstrate ah ah the airflow keeps going yeah ready here we go ready ah ah pretty easy yeah notice how the airflow keeps going because you just keep exhaling and rest good that’s one thing to think about practice that breath keep it going nice and steady nice and steady you shouldn’t have too many shakes or wobbles from that point of view okay so that’s number one number two is say what you mean and mean what you say this is true whether you’re a public speaker or whether you’re a singer oftentimes when we take the stage and we bring any fear onto that stage with us our mind tends to focus in the wrong direction we’re thinking about us right.
I hope they like me I hope they don’t think my voice is terrible I hope they think I’m awesome because that would be great you know we have all these thoughts but we’re putting all the focus on us and there’s not leaving any room for expression to happen because we’re afraid of making a mistake so we get kind of rigid so how does this pertain to say what we mean and mean what we say well that’s a simple little focus there get your focus off of yourself by getting into what it is you’re talking about so if you’re giving a presentation think more in terms about believing what you’re talking about sounds pretty simple doesn’t it so if you’re giving a presentation on potatoes how do you feel about potatoes you know do you love them are you worried about potatoes do you want to raise awareness about potatoes get your focus back into what you’re talking about and how you feel about it now you’ve got communication going on and keep your exhale going nice and consistent and say what you mean and mean what you say okay.

So number three is get the focus off of yourself and that was really talking about what I was saying just a second ago about thinking in this direction getting the focus into what we’re saying is very helpful and once we’ve done that we find it’s very very easy to start connecting with people now you don’t have to do it right away you can simply connect to a plant or to an exit sign if that helps you but the primary focus there is that you’re extending energy from you all the way to what you’re talking to who are who you’re talking to or what you’re connecting with so it’s really important to get the focus off of yourself so again if I care about potatoes and I’m worried about potatoes then I’m going to get that intention all the way to that person to that house plant to that exit sign and I’m going to speak my mind about those potatoes it’s really really important if you’re feeling bold enough you can also look at somebody right in the eye and extend your thoughts and your intent and your energy all the way to them with confidence.
Now you’re creating a connection okay so again voices shake primarily because we bring fear onto the stage but following these three simple easy little quick tips it should help to straighten out your energy and get the focus off of you so that you’re not worried and you can speak your mind with total confidence thank you for joining me today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please feel free to give it a thumbs up or click the subscribe button below thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time you…

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