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i wanted to do a quick video just to emphasize the importance of using video in your business uh before lockdown started i was speaking at a conference and a really enthusiastic young lad came up to me to uh after seeing me speak and said to me what’s the most important thing that i should be doing in my business right now in order to grow it and i said without thinking and probably i should have asked him why but i said video video is by far and away the most important thing that you can do in your business and the reason for that is um how you can actually repurpose the content so from a video uh upload it to youtube you can then send it across to you can have it transcribed a 10-minute video is worth about a thousand words once it’s been transcribed so you can then uh upload that into your blog you can then cut and paste from your blog once it’s been edited into a linkedin post onto medium um onto all these different platforms and things like that you can then embed if your videos on youtube you can then embed it in the blog article so you end up with this rich content you can take that video you can cut it up into ten smaller videos and use it on instagram carousel posts you can create a six or five minute version of it and use that as an ig instagram tv igtv video like the world is your oyster you can publish that across all sorts of different platforms and twitter and all the you know facebook and all the different social media platforms and end up with you know 50 100 200 300 uh different posts and pieces of content just from one simple 10 minute video and then i stopped my my rant and uh looked at him and he kind of scratched his head and thought for a moment and he said what’s the second most important thing that i should be doing uh for my business in order to grow it and i was like i think you’ve just missed the point obviously the most important thing you could be doing is video i said what’s the problem he said i’m just really scared of getting onto the camera so one of the reasons why i’m doing this video now is um i’m i’m out enjoying a walk with my dog there’s nobody else around it’s really peaceful and quiet and things like that but i was a little bit fearful of actually getting my phone out and starting to do this video i was worried about you know what if there are other people around and they can hear me or see me doing this they think i’m a bit of a plunker you know whatever and uh other little things there i keep on looking over here instead of at the camera which is over there uh i’m worried about is the audio going to come out right so there’s all these fears and things like that which are coming out um when it comes to actually doing a video but the simple thing is just to whip your camera out and do the damn video because um there is everybody has a message a very important message to share everybody can help somebody else out there in the world and uh video they say that you know a picture paints a thousand words well a video paints a thousand pictures so um it’s it’s a really worthwhile exercise getting into the habit of putting video out there i don’t do enough i have doubled down on my youtube channel and a few other things like that uh for my courses and whatnot but i don’t do it enough for social and to kind of help to educate people so so there we go um i would say as well that the first uh 30 or 40 videos that i put onto my youtube channel are are content’s good but the production is terrible i look at them the clothes i’m wearing i’m a bit embarrassed if i’m honest uh so you know um but i got through that it was actually getting through those first 30 or 40 videos which gave me confidence to step out as a speaker to do better quality videos to speak up for myself and and start to teach people with a bit of authority so if you’re on the fence about doing video just give it a try you can always do a recording like this and if it goes wrong or you say the wrong thing you’re a bit embarrassed you can always just delete it and the world never has to know that you did that video it might take you 10 or 20 practices before you get it right and before you’re you know you get a take which you’re confident enough to publish it so my advice is just get out there and do 10 or 20 videos even if they’re a load of rubbish or you feel they’re a load of rubbish i bet the content is invaluable and you can really help other people so so crack on if you’ve got any questions about video maybe just drop it into the comments below this post and or maybe if you’ve got some videos you’d like other people to kind of um critique or check out or give some feedback on share the links into the comments below as well um and if you just found this video helpful i tell you one thing which i can do i can give you a gift when i talked about that video content ecosystem the repurposing content uh into um blog articles getting it up onto rev and stuff like that i have got a diagram which explains all of that and a little video so if you if you want a copy of that in the comments below uh just put vce video content ecosystem so the letters v c e into the comments below and i’ll find a way to get that into your inbox uh so you’ve got the the full workflow which i use for my videos anyway hope you enjoyed it um i shall look forward to reading the comments and i will catch up with you all again soon

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