RSS Feed Finder – How to find “Authority” RSS Feeds easy!

RSS Feed Finder – How to find “Authority” RSS Feeds easily! Here’s How Smart Marketers Like You are using Authority RSS Feeds to Automate their Business…

Effortlessly staying active & engaged with fans on social media Accounts. As Google relies more and more on social signals for rankings, keeping your social media accounts active is now more important than ever. With authority rss feeds, you can end the time and expense of creating piles and piles of original content, trying to keep up your social media pages. Just add the authority feeds you find using RSS FeedFinder to auto-publish on your Facebook profile & pages, Twitter, and more using tools like Buffer or IFTTT. Fans stay engaged with a constant stream of entertaining articles, pictures, and videos, which means your original content gets that much more social media exposure.

Automatically Refresh Private Blog Network Sites with Daily New Content. Maintaining a private blog network so it looks active and natural can be a lot of work, but there is a solution… Authority feeds can help you refresh your PBN’s pages with new content automatically, without time-consuming article writing.

Just add your authority feeds to your auto-blogging plugins, or use with IFTTT blogging channels to generate new, relevant content every day — all without lifting a finger after setup. BEST PART: Outbound links to OTHER sites actually hide the footprint of backlinks to your own sites. Follow Niche News, Spot Trends and Grab Instant, Massive Viral Traffic. Trending topics and news send websites that join the conversation early amazing amounts of viral traffic..

. Authority RSS feeds let you monitor what’s going on in your niche– you’ll see trends starting, and be in on the early traffic wave. Curate trending news and react, or create graphics, memes, and articles while the topic is still fresh and in demand.

And those are just a FEW of the profitable ways RSS Feeds are being used by saavy business owners right now. The Only Hard Part is Finding the Most Effective “Authority” RSS Feeds Not all websites have enough domain authority, or great content to benefit your seo, social media, or content generation.

And to find the best ones, you’d have to first search a keyword in Google… Then you’d have to go through each site one by one, and first look at the content..

. And then, hunt around for the link to their feed– if they even have one. Then copy down the Feed URL…

…and move on to the next search result, to do it all over again I don’t know about you, but I’d be having more fun in the dentist’s chair than doing all that, just to find a few feeds for ONE keyword. Introducing.

.. RSS FeedFinder Gives you dozens of High Authority domain feeds for sites that are currently in top rankings (so you can steal their authority) Scrape on multiple keywords in one pass– saves you massive time Export authority feeds to spreadsheet with one click to use in your SEO campaigns, social media updates, content research, and more…

Here’s How it Works… Choose a High Authority Feed Domain from the Drop-Down Choose from high value feed sources like these that search engines already love..

. YouTube Channels Top Ranking Blogs Pinterest Boards Tumblr Blogs Vimeo Channels Add Niche Related Keywords in the Keyword Box & Click “Search” Rapidly scrapes top ranked feeds from multiple keywords related to your niche in one pass.

Automatically finds the top ranked sites for each keyword Grabs both the site URL and Feed URLS of sites with feeds. Finally end manually searching for available feeds — and wasted time. Export Feed Results with One Click for Lightning Fast.

.. Amazing Daily Niche Targeted Content to keep your social media fans engaged. Authority boosts using other people’s content for Content Curation Niche specific current news (keeping YOU on top of what’s going on so you can respond EARLY and look like an authority). Use Feeds in your IFTTT account for SEO, Automated Link Wheels, Auto-blog content and so much more.

.. RSS Feed Finder gives you hundreds of high authority feeds like these…

in just minutes! When You put RSS FeedFinder to Work for You Today You’ll… Banish Content Research and Creation Hassles FOREVER.

.. Hop on Trending Viral Content early, and grab hordes of traffic again and again…

Easily Keep social media accounts full of fresh, exciting new content that will have fans engaged, and buying into your niche authority– all on autopilot…

Look, finding RSS feeds IS something you can do by yourself with a scrap of paper and a pencil if you really want to. But why spend HOURS of your precious time on Google, running keyword searches, and checking sites for RSS feeds one by one?

With RSS FeedFinder, the whole process takes just minutes! #rssfeedfinder RSS Feed Finder Video – RSS Feed Finder – How to find “Authority” RSS Feeds easy!.

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